Sunday, 5 January 2014

What's Changed?

So, 2013 was possibly the most exciting year ever for me. I finally had to grow up and am now a first year Sociology student at the University of Bath and absolutely love it. I have learnt to cook and do my own washing, found my way around a new city, learnt how to be a proper lazy student watching more films than ever before, how to party properly but unfortunately not how to handle my drink, how to put together a last minute fancy dress outfit and how to survive on a lack of sleep! Even though I have been very busy, my love for fashion, clothes and shopping is just as strong as ever. Going to university has allowed me to have a fresh start, in a new place (with much better shops than my small hometown of Rugby- bonus!) and I already feel I have made friends for life however cringey that might be! I'm not going to pretend that leaving home was easy, I am very close to my family so it was always going to be hard. Even though I like to speak to my mum every day, I think I've coped a lot better than I expected and after a long Christmas holiday I am very excited to get back to student life soon! Here's a few pictures that sum up the fun i've had in my first term at Bath...

So now i'm settled in at uni and hopefully the beginning of 2014 is going to be much calmer, I want to use this blog as a way of showing my fashion and outfit choices- loads of exciting clothes updates to follow!- and to share my experiences at university. Hope you'll stay with me on this scary but exciting journey of growing up! Did any big changes happen for you in 2013? Comment below :)

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