Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 memories

Now it's the beginning of a new year I can look back and share some of my best moments of 2013. So many changes happened and it was such a exciting year so here goes:

1. I finished my a levels, left school and never have to go back! Although I enjoyed my time at sixth form I was definitely ready to move on and have a fresh start with new people. The week we left was so much fun, we all dressed up and had fancy dress for our last day: 

Pink ladies was our choice of costume and it was a brilliant day followed by a big girly meal out at my favourite restaurant 

After exams we also had a leavers' ball which was amazing! I was very excited about my dress- full length strapless sequins and at the time I had a boyfriend so it was nice going together (now single but that's another story!). The ball was a great way to celebrate the end of exams and starting an amazing long summer! 

2. Me and one of my best friends saw Beyonce live!!! Beyonce is my idol and I was so so sad to miss out on her tour earlier in the year, I have never been so excited as when we got our tickets to see here live at Twickenham for the Chime For Change concert. It was absurdly incredible and makes me want to see her live again as soon as I can! After the concert we sort of got stuck in London for a while but anything was worth it to see Beyonce!  My favourite song she did was irreplaceable, it's my all time favourite song so to hear her sing it live was the best experience ever! 

3. I went on my first holiday without my family! I was responsible for booking it all and remember passports and stuff like that which was a bit scary to be honest but we had a lovely week. I just went with one friend to Majorca and we spent the week on the beach sunbathing and relaxing in the sea, we fitted in a bit of shopping, meals and drinks out and it was just amazing! The experience definitely makes me want to go on another girls holiday but I would like to try going in a bigger group one day too. 

4. Our family holiday to Menorca was perfect as always. We know exactly what to expect when we arrive and it I'd just amazing, I can't wait to be back in July 2014! This time the weather was better than ever because we went later in summer however I still didn't manage to get a tan! I think I've given up trying to be honest and an just meant to be pale! 

5. Isle of Wight 2013. We also went back to another of our favourite places- bembridge on the Isle of Wight. The food on this holiday is probably my favourite because I love all the restaurants we go to and our picnics are absolutely huge! 

6. This year I learnt how to party! Being 18 meant I went out partying at home in rugby a lot throughout the summer and had such a good time. I had to have time to get practise in before uni and learn how to go to work with a hangover, unfortunately I still haven't mastered that one! The nightclub (yes just one) in Rugbu is awful but it's home so a part of me will always secretly love nights out here! 

7. I got into my top choice uni and was ready to leave home and experience uni life. This was so hard at the time but I'm glad I did it because I'm so happy now and Bath feels like my second home! Freshers week was amazing and the people I met then have turned out to be my closest friends over the last few months.

8. My birthday and Christmas 2013 have been the best ever (see earlier posts) and I had my first New Year's Eve actually going out. Definitely the best night I've had in Rugby from what I remember and it was so good to be back with old friends! 

My New Year outfit of the night was a sequin crop top from forever 21 with my black disco pants and black sparkly nails. I had an amazing time but now having a detox and don't want to see any more alcohol for quite a long time- well at least until I'm back at uni! 

Hope your 2013 was as good as mine, please share any of your memories in comments below. Happy New Year everyone! Xoxo 

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