Sunday, 5 January 2014

My tour of the shops!

Since I've been home I seem to have gained even more of a reputation for being a complete shopaholic! Post-Christmas sales are always an exciting time of year and this year was one of the best yet! I will never understand people who queue up to shop on Boxing Day, that's a family day for me, however by 27th I'm totally ready to hit the sales!

I've already written about my London shopping trip and the next one was to Bicester Village on 27th December. To be honest I was slightly scared about going on this date but really wanted to grab a bargain so we just went for it. I had been watching discussions about the craziness of Bicester on Boxing Day and hoped the crowds and traffic would be much better by 27th. Just to make sure we got up very early and I went in time for opening! This proved to be a good idea and I managed to buy exactly what I event for. The main item on my list was a Michael Kors handbag which I had money for Christmas to buy. As soon as we arrived I headed straight for the Michael Kors shop and found exactly the bag I was looking for at a very good price - £109. I was so excited and could then relax and just enjoy the rest of the day looking out for surprise bargains. The Michael Kors shop had so much choice, I did look at the watches as well but unfortunately have such tiny wrists that they just wouldn't suit me at all. Also, it's kind of like too many people have got them now and they don't seem that exciting when my entire instagram feed is full of girls getting exactly the same watches for Christmas!

I chose a brown handbag in the end because they are classic and go with pretty much any outfit. The bag I decide on was also a handy daytime shape and easily fits everything I need in it and I never travel light! You can feel the quality of the super soft leather and it smells amazing! It's probably clear that I'm very excited about this handbag but it's the most expensive bag I've bought to date and I have had my eye on it for a long time! 

If you've never been to Bicester village before and are a fan of designer brands then I recommend a visit. It's only about an hour away from where I live and has the majority of top designer brands all very close together. I do however wish there was a Christian Louboutin shop as owning a pair is one of my major goals! After the bag I also bought a pair of navy Juicy Couture tracksuit bottoms for lounging in at uni, a Jack Wills navy striped top and a Kate Spade iphone case. There are many bargains to be had but you do have to look carefully. I was disappointed with the cosmetics shop as the reductions didn't seen particularly good and it would be very easy to waste money at Bicester thinking you have got an amazing bargain. However it's a lovely setting and anyone who loves fashion is guaranteed to enjoy themselves, just go early to avoid carpark queues and if you see something amazing then get it early before they're gone! 

My outfit choice for Bicester was: dark skinny jeans from Forever 21, Monsoon sequin jumper, Michael Kors scarf and my navy polka dot Cath Kidston bag (this was my incredible birthday present from my uni friends and I love it!) 

Since Bicester I have also been shopping at Milton Keynes for a family day out and plan to go to Birmingham with some friends on Wednesday next week. At Milton Keynes I bought some new hi-top converse trainers for £40. These are so comfortable and I know I'll wear them a lot at uni. 

My outfit for Milton Keynes was: the Hollister shirt that I bought in London, my Urban Outfitters navy skater skirt that I probably wear far too often and of course my new Michael Kors bag. 

Have any of you picked up some amazing bargains this season? I'd love to hear your sales season experiences especially if you do brave the Boxing Day rush, comment below :) 

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