Sunday, 5 January 2014

Birthday 2013

December is always my favourite time if the year because I get the excitement of both my birthday and Christmas in the same week and this year did not disappoint! I kind of ended up having 2 birthdays because I celebrated at uni the week before we finished for the holidays and then again with my family on my actual birthday when I was home. I had been so excited to be home for a long time despite how much I love uni so that made my 19th birthday even more special

The day before my birthday I went to London for a girly shopping trip with my best friend from home. I went with every intention of spending money and did just that!

We spent most of the day on Oxford street and I also managed to go to my favourite shop ever- Victoria's Secret! I really do act like a child on Christmas Day in there, it's just so girly, sparkly, pink and perfect! This time I bought 5 pairs of beautiful knickers which make me feel like a princess and a navy glittery too which I love. I also went to Forever 21 and bought a pink skater dress- not my I usual colour so quite an exciting purchase- and also a long sleeve cropped top. I then found out that Hollister had a 30% off sale so couldn't resist getting a plaid shirt which is cosy for winter and goes with all my clothes. 

It's hard to see in the last picture but my outfit of the day for London was a navy skater skirt from Urban Outfitters, a sparkly jumper from Monsoon, my navy Longchamp bag and trusty TK Maxx fur coat. 

As I had such a busy day on the 18th, my actual birthday was much more chilled out, I saw my family but did go out in the evening with my best friend for a few more cocktails, although to be honest the nightlife in Rugby even on student night is very disappointing after uni! 

Birthday outfit of the night: discopants, forever 21 crop top and H&M necklace 

Overall I had an amazing birthday and want to say a massive thankyou to all my friends at uni and home and my family for making it so special. I hope being 19 will be just as fun as 18! :) 

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